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What is included in a General English course?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

If you want to improve your English language ability, the General English course at Think English is the right choice for you. You can learn through engaging virtual lessons from wherever you are based in the world, or you can learn in the classroom at our Manchester centre.

The General English course will develop your English reading, writing, speaking and listening. In the process, you will improve your pronunciation, grammar and conversation skills.

You will be taught by expert native English teachers. It is our aim that we help you develop a natural and accurate style of English pronunciation. Your English will be ready for the vocabulary and expressions common to everyday life.

By the end of the General English course, we want our students to be able to become more confident when speaking English and be able to communicate their ideas clearly.

Our tutors and staff strive to create a positive and encouraging learning environment. We keep the individual’s learning experience at the heart of what we do and support learning with technology.

In the lessons, you will:

  • Develop your speaking, listening and conversational skills.

  • Communicate more confidently and accurately when you speak in English.

  • Use correct grammar.

  • Improve your pronunciation.

  • Improve your writing skills.

  • Have lots of opportunities to speak and share opinions with your classmates.

A teacher stands next to a whiteboard with writing on it whilst four young adult students are sat around a table and are working together and writing notes

Think English will work with you whatever your current level of English is.

We teach from beginner ability (A1) right through to advanced ability (C1). In total, there are six stages:

  • Stage One - A1

  • Stage Two - A2

  • Stage Three - B1

  • Stage Four - B1+

  • Stage Five - B2

  • Stage Six - C1

Within each of these stages, there are 12 levels. Each level takes around 25 hours to complete.

This means you can keep on learning with us. After 25 hours of study at one level, you can continue to move up and advance your English.

If you choose to study General English online, you will get access to your own Google classroom, interactive Cambridge materials, online learning tools, lesson recordings and continuous support and guidance from your teacher.

Study in Manchester and receive Cambridge learning materials, Conversation Club, activities around Manchester, interactive whiteboards, free WiFi and a free UK SIM card, all within a friendly environment.

Find out and enrol in the Think English General English course by contacting our supportive staff.

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