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Taking Notes in Class


If you would like to study at a university in the UK, the USA or Australia, or gain an internationally recognised qualification, then IELTS Preparation is the course for you.

Our unique IELTS preparation course is designed precisely to each student’s individual requirements. In this way, the learner makes the maximum possible progress as the teacher is able to focus on their needs and their personal learning style in each lesson.

Here at Think English, our IELTS preparation course not only prepares students for the IELTS exam, but also gives guidance on academic study techniques for use at an English-speaking university.


The minimum requirement for our course is High Intermediate.  If your current level is Beginner to Intermediate, you will need to follow our General English course until you have completed the General English Intermediate Level.

In your IELTS Preparation classes, you will: 

  • Learn what to expect in an IELTS exam and how it is structured

  • Gain effective techniques and strategies to tackle different types of questions

  • Develop critical skills like paraphrasing, analysing or describing data and interpreting meaning from context

  • Improve your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar structures

  • Be more comfortable and confident interacting with English speakers

  • Learn how to use your time effectively in the exam

  • Find out about the most common IELTS topics

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:


  • Identify important information quickly and effectively in a variety of texts

  • Interpret, understand, and write effectively about data and statistics presented in different forms (line graphs, tables, pie charts, etc.)

  • Label parts of a map from a speaker’s description, and describe changes over time in a map

  • Listen for specific information in a general and academic context 

  • Plan and speak about a personal topic for the Speaking part of the exam

  • Express yourself with more confidence

  • Share your thoughts accurately when talking about social and academic issues

  • Plan, organise, and write a variety of different essays

Our classes are available to study both in Manchester and online. 

Learn In Manchester
Our IELTS course is available all year round and can be studied for any number of weeks (up to the maximum duration of your visa, if required).
Click here to find out if you need a VISA to study in the UK.
Learn Online
Our online IELTS course gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace and comfort. After signing up, you will be given a number of timing options to choose from.
What’s included?

Flexible hours

Regular practice tests

Native English teachers

Interactive lessons

One-to-one personalised tuition

Focus on exam techniques

Online Only


Cambridge IELTS eBook and downloadable course audio

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