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Terms & Conditions -
In Person & Online Courses


  • Students must be over 16 years old*.

  • An application form must be completed.

  • An up to date passport or ID card must be provided.

  • All students must complete an accurate medical declaration and inform Think English of any physical or mental issues that may affect their learning. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

  • Students must update Think English/Notting Hill College with any changes to visa status, arrival times or other information that may affect the expected start date.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to apply for the correct visa and submit the correct documents. Think English / Notting Hill College cannot be responsible for any visa refusal.

  • All students must contact Think English at least 2 weeks before the start date to confirm their arrival.

  • The school may ask for a deposit, full fees or sponsorship document before issuing a visa letter.



  • Payments should always be made in advance. This applies to tuition fees for self-funded students, accommodation and airport transfer.

  • For sponsored students, we require a copy of the sponsorship document in advance. This document must be addressed to Think English/Notting Hill College directly.

  • Think English cannot be held responsible for any cancelled bookings if payments have not been received.


Postponing and Cancellation

  • We strongly recommend that students take out insurance before travel in case of cancellation due to travel disruption, medical issues or other emergency situations. Student Insurance Policies may refund tuition fees if a student has to go home early for a medical or other serious reason.

Postponing a Course


  • Courses start on each Monday.

  • The school expects students to arrive on the day that they have booked a course to start, and if delayed, to contact the school with a new arrival date at least one week in advance.

  • We understand that you may be delayed due to visa delays, especially in busy summer times. We advise that you apply for your visa as soon as possible. For details of when you can apply, please contact your nearest British embassy.  Please always keep the school up to date with all information which relates to your travel plans or visa. 


Cancelling a course before arrival Policy


  • The school must be notified of any cancellations at least 2 weeks before the start of the course before any refunds will be considered. 

  • An administrative charge of £100 will always be charged.

  • If you do not notify us within the 2-week cancellation window, we reserve the right to impose a charge equivalent to 2 weeks course fee plus £100 administrative charge and deduct this from your total refund amount.  


Visa Refusal


If you cancel your course due to visa refusal, the school has the right to ask for documentary evidence before issuing a refund. We will always ask for the visa refusal notice. We will assess why your visa was refused and provide you with the opportunity to apply again if you can. If you do not wish to apply again, you can apply for a refund, less the £100 administrative charge.


If your visa refusal was linked to fraud and this is mentioned in the refusal notice, we will refuse any refund request.


Force Majeure


  • We strongly advise students to take out travel insurance. The policy should cover flight delays or cancellations.

  • Think English cancellation and postponement policies apply in all cases. 

  • It is the student’s responsibility to keep Think English informed of changes to travel plans.

  • Think English is not liable for loss of tuition or other services due to factors outside our control. Refunds will not be made under these circumstances.


Disruption to international travel and force majeure Policy


  • In the event of flight delays or force majeure and subsequent course cancellation or postponement, Think English will not normally refund fees. 

  • However, in exceptional circumstances, where a cancellation can be seen to be directly as a result of force majeure, we will look sympathetically at your circumstances. We may issue a credit for the full amount of the course fees and assist with re-booking the course later. In these circumstances, the school may choose not to charge cancellation fees.

  • In all cases it is the student’s responsibility to keep the school informed of changes to travel plans.


Leaving Early


Think English requires 2 weeks’ notice if you want to leave the course early plus any documentation showing reason the reason for early departure.  


Student leaving course early Policy

Think English understands that some students wish to leave their course earlier than scheduled for a variety of reasons, for example to join a university course or due to an emergency.

We aim to be flexible to all requests, but this policy will be enforced.


The school requires 2 weeks’ notice in advance before considering a refund unless:


  • Students have an offer of a place in university or college

  • Student has a job offer starting in the next few weeks

  • Need to go home due to a family emergency, illness, death etc (flight ticket must be shown)

  • Please note that an Early Termination Fee of 25% will be deducted from any agreed refunds. 


Example: we have agreed to refund £1000 to a student who is returning home to start a university course. The Early Termination Fee will be £250 in this case and we will refund £750 to the student.


Refunds will not be considered if the student intends to stay in the UK without studying, move to another language school in Manchester or is asked to leave the school due to behaviour.


When you apply and pay for a course, you are expected to complete that course as indicated in your offer letter. All refunds are given in good faith and the school has the right to refuse any request.



Cancellation - Online Courses


If for any reason you change your mind with an online course you have arranged, you are entitled to cancel and request a full refund within 14 calendar days from the date you made the purchase of the course (this is called the ‘cooling off’ period). 


After 14 calendar days, you are outside the ‘cooling off’ period and you are not entitled to a refund if you wish to cancel a course that you have not started.  


If you begin your course within the 14-day period, and decide to cancel, then any refund will be excluding the value of the classes that were provided to you up to the point you cancelled.


If you start your course (after the cooling off period) and then wish to cancel, our normal terms and conditions will apply in all cases. See Leaving Early (above)


Once you cancel your course, you will lose all access to the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) material.



Photographs and Filming

Students must inform Think English on their first day if they do not want their photographs or any filming used in promotional materials. We cannot accept responsibility for other students sharing images on social media.


Personal Information

They must inform Think English of any changes of personal information before and during their stay. This includes phone number, email address, address in Manchester and any other relevant information.

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