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General English

The course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their general English skills, including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and fluency. Our courses are available at all levels, from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1).

Improve your General English in Stages

Our unique Stages & Levels system is designed to ensure you learn as much English as possible.

 Our 6 Stages have 12 Levels and are linked to the CEFR Framework. Move up to the next level after only 25 hours!

Stage One


Stage Two


Stage Three


Stage Four


Stage Five


Stage Six


In your General English classes, you will: 

  • Practice and improve your grammar skills

  • Expand your vocabulary

  • Develop your speaking and conversational skills

  • Practise your reading and listening skills

  • Have lots of opportunities to speak and share opinions with your classmates

  • Improve your confidence and accuracy when speaking in English

  • Improve your pronunciation 

  • Improve your writing skills

Private and Group classes available

Our qualified native English teachers will tailor your lessons according to your individual needs and goals. You will have the opportunity to bond and interact with students from all over the world as well as engage in conversations with English native speakers.

Our classes are available to study both in Manchester and online. 

Learn In Manchester
When learning English in England, you will be exposed to a variety of British accents, idioms, and vocabulary. Since English is a worldwide language, it's fascinating to experiment with different speaking styles. You'll hear and practise English all the time, both inside and outside the classroom, so you'll develop confidence and increase your fluency in real-life situations.
Click here to find out if you need a VISA to study in the UK.
Learn Online
All our online classes are always engaging and interactive just like our face-to-face classes. To encourage you to actively participate during the lesson, we use the same communicative approach that we do at our school. You don’t need to leave your country, you don’t even have to leave your house!
What’s included?

Flexible hours

Native English teachers

Cambridge materials

Friendly staff

In-person Only


Conversation Club 

Continuous support and guidance by your teacher

Free English SIM card 

Online Only

Lessons can be recorded for you to rewatch 

google classroom icon

Your own Google Classroom 

Use of online learning tools

Extra materials

Free Wi-Fi

Do you have a question about your General English course?

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