Improve your General English -in Stages

Our unique Stages & Levels system is designed to ensure you learn as much English as possible.


You start with your Placement Test and we give you a study plan to show you how long you need to study to reach your goal.


Our 6 Stages have 12 Levels and are linked to the CEFR Framework. Each level is 45 hours of tuition and each stage is 90 hours of tuition.

Stage One

Level 1 & Level 2


Stage Two

Level 3 & Level 4


Stage Three

Level 5 & Level 6


Stage Four

Level 7 & Level 8


Stage Five

Level 9 & Level 10


Stage Six

Level 11 & Level 12


Study this program online from anywhere in the world, at one of our Virtual Campuses

Beginner To Advanced English Lessons Available

The course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their general English skills, including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and fluency. Our courses are available at all levels, from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1). Suitable for students aged 16+.

Course Content

  • Focus on your grammar skills and increase your vocabulary

  • Online learning account with Cambridge English LMS 

  • Provide activities to improve your reading and listening skills

  • Give you plenty of speaking activities and conversation time to share opinions with your teacher

  • Work on Improving your confidence and accuracy when speaking

  • Provide you writing tasks to develop your writing skills

  • Bring you real-life topics from books, the internet, magazines and newspapers

How You Will Learn 

Each class focuses on an interesting topic, yet there are variety of activities that address the key language skills of speaking, listening, reading and vocabulary, in order to help you maximise your learning and to allow you to have more attention and correction from your teacher.

  • Language Development focusing on, grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation 

  • Skills Development focusing on listening, speaking, reading & writing.

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