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Academic Proofreading

Your Path to Academic Success

Here at Think English, we specialise in academic document editing and proofreading services. From essays and dissertations to business proposals, CVs, and personal statements, we'll look over everything. All professional documents can be edited by our team. Our service is distinguished by its attention to detail, and we will review your writing thoroughly to repair spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax mistakes.

What's Included:

  • Correct all spelling mistakes – We will ensure the spelling is perfect.

  • Correct punctuation – We will make sure punctuation is used appropriately and applied where necessary.

  • Correct all grammatical errors – We will ensure your writing is grammatically correct.

  • Check references and citations – We will make sure that the references and citations comply with the required university style guidelines.

  • Provide feedback – We will provide feedback and recommendations during our sessions.

Our experts have the knowledge, skills and experience to improve the quality of your work. Contact us today!

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