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Turkish Courses in Turkey

Turkish language is the corner stone for building a stable life in Turkey and get integrated in the local community. A good knowledge of the language can boost your professional career or even get recruited in one of the top ranked Turkish Universities.


It's also important to know that there are an estimated 500,000 Turkish people living in the UK and that the US government has designated Turkish a critical language and provides annual scholarships for this reason!

At Think English:

  • We cover all levels, from beginner to advanced. We focus on helping you improve your Turkish language as fast as possible through an exciting learning journey

  • We provide private and group lessons to fit with our learners needs

  • Group classes do not exceed 8 students to ensure a high quality of education

  • Our time schedules are flexible and suitable for everyone

  • We have tailored courses designed for: diplomats, business professionals and academics

  • If you are living in Turkey you can practice your language during a monthly day out with your teachers and colleagues to gain self-confidence when speaking Turkish

Why Study Turkish With Us?

Our teachers are multilingual (English, Arabic, German) so there will be no problems with communication.

Weekly conversation club to practice the language.

Native Turkish teachers who specialise in teaching Turkish as a second language.

Our classes cover reading, writing, grammar and conversation.

Learners attend intensive classes three days per week.

Meet peers from all over the world to practice English, discover new cultures & make new friends with!

Our courses are designed to enable you to express yourself and communicate easily in a level by level approach.

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