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The Road to IELTS

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

When it comes to growing your knowledge of the English language, there is no better benchmark than obtaining an IELTS qualification.

The IELTS qualification is globally recognised and accepted by universities and organisations in over 140 countries. Scoring highly on the IELTS test can be the key to chasing your goals both personally and educationally. It can help you chase your career aspirations and strengthens your application to universities across the world. The IELTS scores are also used by governments and professional bodies when determining immigration and registration purposes.

Therefore, as if being able to gain a place at university wasn't enough, if you have an IELTS certificate, it can be the difference between obtaining a visa too.

At Think English, we have tailored our IELTS preparation course to benefit each learner specifically. Therefore taking part in one of our courses increases your chances of scoring highly on the IELTS exam. Sounds great, right?

Our mission is to support each pupil through their journey and encourage them to make the most progress possible. To do this, we take into account their personal learning style in each and every lesson.

So, if it's a high score that you want, our prep courses are the right choice for you. Whats more, you'll not have to worry about any of those extra costs buying expensive books as we provide interactive Cambridge materials to every learner.

It's time to forget the traditional classroom approach and become a Think English student today. Our classes will fully prepare you to achieve your desired IELTS score and teach you practical everyday English in a fun, communicative and engaging way. Our book and online modules provide additional information so that you won't make any unnecessary grammatical mistakes. Unlike other IELTS preparation books, our Cambridge materials offer both academic and general training. You will improve your English level and enhance your knowledge by taking authentic online practice tests designed to suit your needs.

Our online interactive course includes:

- Expert qualified native English teachers

- Online Module (Extra resources and practice tests)

- Student eBook and downloadable course audio

During our preparation course, you will understand various strategies needed for every IELTS exam task and practise the four key skills: listening, speaking, writing, reading. Notably, by choosing our interactive IELTS course, you will:

  • Become familiar with the exam's structure and requirements.

  • Learn and practise useful exam strategies.

  • Learn to present clear and logical arguments.

  • Learn how to communicate with confidence.

Receive individual feedback and continuous support.


1) Complete the registration form

2) A member of our team will be in touch.

3) Complete our Free Level Test so we can find out your level in English.

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