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The benefits of one-to-one language lessons

Photos of an in-person private lesson and a woman on a virtual lesson on her laptop.

When you want to learn a language, there are many study options you can choose from. Self-study and classes are great paths. However, you might find the most benefit from personalised, one-to-one study.

One-to-one lessons involve taught sessions between an expert language tutor and just you. Read why this is the preferred option of so many language learners.

Lessons are built around your needs

When you learn a language in a group class, course content is either pre-set or is created with several different learners in mind. This means you might be being taught skills that are too easy for you, too difficult for you or just not ones you are interested in learning.

In one-to-one lessons, lessons are personalised and prepared entirely with your requirements in mind. You will learn at your ability level and you can have a say in what you want to study next.

Pace is set by you. If you are struggling with a concept, your personalised lessons can accommodate the time to go back over it. If you are very good at something, you can move through this content faster.

The teacher is able to gauge your level of understanding

If someone is leading groups of people, it is hard for them to get to know each individual on a personal level and to assess how well they are doing. This is sometimes the case for large language classes. It is not always easy for teachers to know the level of understanding each student has in each topic.

Conversely, when a tutor’s full focus is on you and only you, they are using their teaching expertise and undivided attention to gauge your exact level of understanding. This will help them make your lessons perfectly catered for your learning.

Everyone learns in different ways

Each learner's mind works differently and everyone retains information in different ways. Some people are visual learners, some people learn best from listening to teacher talk and others pick up information best when they are doing practical tasks.

In group lessons, everyone present will be taught in the same way, meaning some people are benefiting more than others.

In private lessons, however, you will be taught in ways best suited to your learning style. Your teachers want you to succeed so they will prepare your lessons in ways that maximise your growth of knowledge, whether this be through a heavy focus on quizzes, videos, conversation practice, listening exercises or writing tasks.

You are learning in your way so you will learn faster

With lessons built with your input of subject matter, with your preferred study techniques and with all focus on you for the full session, you will learn the language faster. The faster you learn it, the quicker you can use it to talk to speakers of that language, conduct business in countries where it is spoken and much more!

You won’t have to catch up on lessons you have missed

Miss a group lesson and the rest of the class won’t wait for you to catch up. Instead, you have to do this in your own time without class tuition.

If your lessons are all about you, you haven’t missed anything. If you are unable to make a lesson one week, your next one will just pick up where you last left off.

You have more freedom of when lessons take place

In a one-to-one class, it is your and only your lesson. This means you are not abiding by any other learners’ schedules. You have the freedom to arrange for your lessons to take place at a time to suit you.

Often, group lessons will have been scheduled well in advance of anyone signing up and if you can’t make that particular time, you miss out on enrolling. You will never have this problem if you are seeking a school with one-to-one lessons!

You will never be too shy to speak up

It can be quite intimidating to share your ideas or ask queries in front of a full class. You might want to ask the teacher to go back over a topic but worry that you will be delaying other people’s progress.

In a private lesson, the teacher’s focus is 100% on you. Your personal tutor will welcome your input and questions. A one-to-one learning session is much more like an educational conversation than a lecture-style environment.

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