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Getting the most out of your English classes

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

English teachers will always encourage you to do extra learning outside of the classroom, and there are a variety of ways to improve your language skills, many of which are enjoyable and beneficial.

It is also widely known that different people respond to different learning styles and methods, therefore it is not always possible for everyone to sit in a classroom or just read from a textbook. Here are a few tips that may work for you.

Watch TV or films in English

You can learn English while watching TV or films in English. If you're still learning the language at any level (from beginner to upper intermediate), it's a good idea to turn on the English subtitles so you can read along while listening. You can also listen to English radio stations and access a variety of online listening options.

Read English books/newspapers

Reading is a fantastic way to practise your English in your free time. Without your teacher staring over your shoulder, you can read one word at a time at your own pace. Newspapers can also help you improve your English, while giving information about local and national events which you will find useful when interacting with English native speakers.

Make notes of new vocabulary

Make a note of any new words you learn, whether you’re in or outside the classroom and put everything you've learnt into practise whenever you have free time. You could even do this on your phone so you don’t always need a notepad!

Interact with English speakers

You'll miss out on a great opportunity to practise English if you only socialise with people from your own country. If you try to make friends with other English speakers, you will be pushed to speak English.

You'll also pick up slang and conversational English, which are not always taught in a classroom setting. Alternatively, try one-to-one online courses with one of our teachers!

Discover audiobooks online

If reading an entire book in English is challenging for you, an audiobook may be the answer. You could also buy a paper copy of the book so you can follow along with the audio and make notes with a pencil.

Reading out loud will help you focus entirely on the words. You can stop the recording every now and then to read what you just heard out loud to improve your pronunciation. Using audiobooks as part of your English studies will give you the necessary practise to improve your English skills.

Remember to set realistic goals for yourself. If you use a few of these suggestions into your daily language learning, you will notice a significant improvement. Your teacher's purpose is to guide you and practise with you for a few hours each week. It is your responsibility to remember and implement what you have learned.

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