English Courses in Turkey & the Middle East

English is a language that will open a world of opportunities and a brighter future no matter where you are. It is a must learn language as it is the official language in more than a quarter of the countries around the globe.

Before you discover the advantages of learning in our virtual campus remember that:


  • Getting hired in a prestigious international organization requires English proficiency!

  • Finding a place to study in your dream University will not become reality without English!

  • Helping your children in completing their English homework will be a challenge if you don't speak English

  • Traveling and discovering the world will be much easier once you have a good command of English to communicate!

  • Most of the content published on the internet is in English so do not stay isolated!

Why Study English with us?

1) Because all our teachers are qualified to teach English as a second Language & multilingual so there will not be problems in communication.


2) We use Cambridge materials as they are one of the best to improve English language fast!


3) You will have access to our platforms to enjoy a wide range of materials such as books, quizzes, videos & handouts.


4) We provide all levels of General English, IELTS & English for specific purposes


5) Our classes cover (Reading , Speaking , Listening & Grammar)


6) You will have the opportunity to meet peers from all over the world to practice English, discover new cultures and make new friends!


1) All sessions are live and interactive, they are also recorded so you can revise or catch up later.


2) Tuition fees are to be paid in installments making it suitable to all budgets.


3) Our teachers don’t just teach the curriculum, they share key tips required to speak and express yourself faster than you expect.


4) If you are living in Turkey you can practice your language during a monthly day out with your teachers and colleagues to gain self-confidence when speaking English. If not you can join us in Turkey for a study programme you will design yourself!


5) Class schedules are flexible to suit busy learners with private lessons also available.

Learn English to cross borders