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Who We Are

Think English is the name for the English language department of Notting Hill College.  

Notting Hill College is a British institution accredited by the BAC. They provide courses in the fields of Teacher Training, Business and English Language Programs. Their awarding bodies include ATHE and TQUK, both of which are Ofqual accredited.

Think English was established in 2012(?) to provide quality english language programmes to people wishing to learn english as a second or third language. We are a partner of Trinity College London, providing an offical preperation course for their Trinity College Secure English Language TEST (SELT) and are the only Trinity SELT preparation centre in the Salford area. We have a range of courses and levels to suit your learning needs, including English for Specific Purposes and IELTS preparation. Think English can be attended both online and in-person,  with lessons being 1-2- or in small groups. 

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Some fun facts about think english with matching icons, like how many studetns we've had, where our students have been from, our busiest months, idk

Our Mission


Our mission is to help you to…

  • Develop a natural and accurate style of English pronunciation

  • Improve your ability to understand and use vocabulary and expressions common to everyday life

  • Enhance the ability to express ideas clearly and confidently in English

  • Develop understanding of key aspects of English grammar, structures and rules

  • Increase confidence and fluency in speaking

  • Improve accuracy to enable clear communication of ideas

  • Interact in a multi-cultural environment

  • Work on writing, reading and listening skills

  • Focus on your personal needs and objectives

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide learners from all over the world with the essential tools to express themselves with confidence in an English-speaking environment. We strive to create a positive and encouraging learning environment that has the individual’s learning experience at heart and is supported by state-of-the-art technology.