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The world of education is changing fast, and we at Think English are keen to seize the opportunity to grow with it. 

The latest trends have seen many institutions forced into moving from physical classrooms to online or virtual learning. For some, this move has been difficult, but we want our partners to rest assured that we will be there to help. While we know that human contact can never be fully replaced, we think we have developed a supportive system for our partners, which is almost as good as the real thing!


Program details;

  • Weekly live virtual classrooms 

  • A structured general English program consisting of 12 levels, each level includes 60 hours of teaching and lasts 10 weeks

  • IELTS preparation programs also available

  • The use of Cambridge English interactive materials

  • Access to the Cambridge Learning Management system during class time

  • The course book used is Empower by Cambridge

  • Upgrade packages are available on request



Our Vision

Our vision is to provide learners from all over the world with the essential tools to express themselves with confidence in an English-speaking environment. We strive to create a positive and encouraging learning environment that has the individual’s learning experience at heart and is supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Join us and start your journey 

Think English is the English language department of Notting Hill College.  


In the UK, we are accredited by the BAC and we are also a partner of Trinity College London 

We specialize in broadcasting live, native-speaker British teachers to classrooms around with world, from our teaching hub in Manchester in the UK.   

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Think English is the name for the English language programmes of Notting Hill College Ltd


Notting Hill College is registered in England and Wales as Notting Hill College Ltd. No. 5042086. UKRLP: 10028428 

Notting Hill College is accredited by the BAC.

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