Renting a room, or a flat, through an estate agent or directly from a private landlord is one of the most common ways to find accommodation in Manchester. There are many good sources to help you to find the type of accommodation you want at a price that fits your budget.

Spare Room is an accommodation website, like Zoopla and RightMove, except this one focuses on shared accommodation. If you have a smaller budget, and don’t mind sharing a house or a flat with other people, this is ideal. One of the benefits of Spare Room is that you’ll normally find cheaper accommodation, and sharing a flat can have the benefit of making you speak English outside the classroom.


There are a number of estate agents who can help you find accommodation for a fee. 

As Manchester is home to a large number of students and professionals who have moved to the area to pursue their careers, flat sharing is very common in the city. There are a number of estate agents that specialise in putting like-minded individuals in contact to be able to secure a home together and therefore split rent and bills to make it more affordable for both parties.


If you are looking for a room today, you can browse all student accommodation in Manchester here.

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