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Think English!

Think English is a fluency-based American English course designed to develop real-life communication skills. The Programme enables learners to acquire structures and vocabulary progressively and efficiently so that they can communicate in English socially and professionally.

Think English comes in
twelve levels (6 stages)
that are compatible with the widely accepted Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Its balanced online syllabus and rich-information course-book are empowering factors that help you achieve your desired learning outcomes.
They also improve your overall linguistic skills and assist you to clearly express your ideas in Social & Professional Situations.


Our clients talk about Think English…

"I deal with many clients through my business. I have brought my English up to the necessary standard with Think English."


"We do a lot of business overseas so it is vital that we can communicate with our international clients. Think English gave our employees the language skills required for the global market."


"I needed to pass a difficult English Exam before progressing to higher education. Thanks to Think English I passed this exam with ease and now I can join the University of my Choice."


" I am doing a degree in Psychology and all of the research material is in English. Thanks to Think English, my English has improved dramatically and I am passing all of my courses."


" I am a teacher and I use Think English to teach English in a fun, easy and effective way."

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